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Small sea

The small sea is the passage on Lake Baikal between the island of Olkhon and the zapdny coast. Width of the passage from 5 to 16 kilometers. Its extent about 70 km. In photos in the distance the island of Olkhon. The width of Baikal in this place is close to 80 km. Now Small sea favourite vacation spot. Here flat coast, sandy beaches. There are a lot of camp sites, but generally all go дикарами. In summertime all coast is forced by tents. From Irkutsk of 270 kilometers. A half the good asphalted road, another soil, stony. On the days off cars Friday, Saturday there, and on Sunday back go a sploshy stream.
Generally lake coast abrupt and near the coast a deep water. The area of a surface of the lake is approximately equal to the area of Belgium.


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  1. Thank you to present here this place.
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