вторник, 12 июня 2012 г.


Бегут километры
Асфальтом шурша.
 И тянется вдаль
Шоссе полоса.
В зеленом наряде
Деревья стоят.
 Листочками машут
Когда машины мимо летят.
12.06.2012                gmishaooo

Kilometers run,
With asphalt rustling.
Also lasts afar
Highway strip.

In the green dress
Trees stand.
Leaflets wave
When cars by fly.

       12.06.2012 gmishaooo

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  1. Bonsoir la photo est très belle pour moi
    SUR la route toute la Sainte journée

  2. Hey, dear Gmishaoo.
    I found your blog and it's a great and excellent surprise for me.
    I asked you, through my answers, why you haven't a blog.
    You did it, and I enjoy really your words, and now your pictures.
    I'll know you better and I'll tell you how important you're for me.
    I wish to be your member, but I didn't have this possibiity.
    Maybe will you install it, it would be an honour for me and a logical reaction because I'm proud and happy to read you every day.

  3. Thanks AMBre. Thank you that visited, thanks for comments, for your desire to become the reader. I will try not to create inconveniences and I will deal with technologies the blogger. Too it is pleasant to me to see you in the blog.

  4. It's OK, I'm your first and new member.
    I enjoy it and I'll follow you with pleasure :)

  5. Good evening. Thank you that became the first constants of readers.